Message From Police Chief on Campus Store Incident

To the UC Davis community: 

Yesterday (May 6) we had an unfortunate incident on campus at the Memorial Union bookstore.  

A widely viewed social media video shows members of the UC Davis Police Department restraining a woman on the ground.

I recognize this video can be disturbing to some and is the type of event that is very unusual on campus. It has been widely reported that this woman was suffering from a mental crisis. I wanted to take a moment to provide some background and context to this incident.   

On Monday, May 6, 2019, UCDPD responded to a theft-in-progress call at the Memorial Union bookstore. While contacting a suspect inside the store, she became increasingly agitated, resistant and combative. For her safety and the safety of others, the officers attempted to take her into custody. A struggle ensued and she was placed on the floor and handcuffed. 

Officers then walked her outside where she continued to be resistant and kicked an officer in the chest. She was placed on the ground, restrained and placed into a restrictive device for her own safety and the safety of the officers.

She was taken to the Sutter Davis Hospital where she was evaluated by medical personnel and medically cleared. She was then booked at the Yolo County Jail on several felony charges.

The UCDPD is sympathetic to this individual, who is not affiliated with the university. We will work with the district attorney’s office to engage local resources (drug diversion, Neighborhood Court, homeless shelter resources) to assist her moving forward. While she was clearly upset about her circumstances, she was evaluated by medical staff and deemed mentally able to care for herself.

As is the case with any use of force incident, an investigation will be conducted to ensure compliance with law and policy. We have also reached out to the Office of Compliance and will gladly assist them with any independent assessment of the incident.  


Joseph A. Farrow
Chief of Police

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