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The following University of California, Davis, sources are available to share expertise with media on various aspects of the economy, including climbing gas prices. Specific lists on trade (including supply chain), poverty and minimum wage are linked at the bottom.

Economy, stock market, inflation

Brad Barber is the Gallagher Professor of Finance at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management. Barber’s research focuses on asset pricing, behavioral finance, and private equity. He currently serves on the advisory boards of the Academic Female Finance Committee, or AFFECT, and the Principles of Responsible Investment, or PRI. He was a principal investigator for the CalPERS Sustainable Investment Research Initiative, or SIRI (2012-16), and the finance department editor for Management Science (2009-12). He is the founder of the Napa Finance Conference. Contact: 530-752-0512,

Rachel Chen, professor in the Graduate School of Management, conducts cutting-edge research on operations and supply-chain management, and dynamic pricing. Her scholarship has appeared in leading journals. She grew up in central China and moved to Shanghai to attend Tongji University. In addition to her management education and teaching, she has a bachelor’s degree in computer science. She has published research on how airlines should provide better consumer service by compensating passengers when flights are delayed.

Òscar Jordà, professor of economics, specializes in macroeconomics, central banking and monetary policy. Together with professor Alan M. Taylor and Sanjay R. Singh he co-authored a working paper in March 2020 on the historic economic effects of pandemics. The research was written about on Contact:

Alan M. Taylor, professor of economics and finance, has appointments in the Department of Economics and the Graduate School of Management. He is also a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a research fellow of the Center for Economic Policy Research in London. He currently serves as a co-editor at the Journal of International Economics. His research interests span macroeconomics, finance, international trade and economic history. He can discuss inflation. Contact:

Oil and gas supply, automobiles, energy

Mark Agerton, assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, is available to discuss his research on U.S. oil and gas supply issues. Contact:

Erich Muehlegger, professor of economics, is an expert in energy and environmental economics, public finance and tax policy, and industrial organization.  He can discuss the markets for transportation fuels and how tax policy and energy prices affect consumer vehicle purchases.  His recent research studies the effect of gasoline taxes, vehicle subsidies and energy prices on electric vehicle adoption, and the effect of oil price shocks on gasoline and diesel prices. (On sabbatical, but can respond in Western European Time). Contact:

Dave Rapson, professor of economics, conducts research in energy and environmental economics, industrial organization, and applied econometrics. In his research he has collaborated with electric utility companies and government regulatory agencies, with a focus on informing policy decisions in the transportation and electricity sectors. His research includes the evaluation of dynamic electricity pricing regimes, carbon offset programs, and the design and analysis of large-scale randomized field experiments to test the role of information and prices on consumer electricity demand. Contact:

Gil Tal directs the Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center at UC Davis. He can discuss alternative fuel vehicles, electric vehicle infrastructure, travel behavior, transportation planning and non-motorized transportation.  

Keith Taylor is an extension professor at the University of California’s Cooperative Extension and UC Davis’ Department of Community and Regional Development, and teaches in the Department of Human Ecology. Taylor is a recognized leader in utility cooperative governance and has worked widely with energy utilities nationally. Taylor focuses on rural economic issues. Contact:

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