IET Warns of Scam Emails Seeking Gift Cards

UC Davis faculty and staff are currently the target of a large-scale malicious email campaign that is attempting to deceive recipients into purchasing and supplying gift cards to the attacker.

Attackers are using fake Gmail accounts that appear similar to ones that might belong to UC Davis deans and assistant vice chancellors. The message directs recipients to reply via cellphone or text message. This tactic limits the ability of campus systems to respond with email countermeasures.

The Information Security Office advises all campus affiliates to be on guard for this type of fraud, and to carefully examine the email address of the sender if you receive a message that seems unusual. Be very wary of requests from anyone asking you to buy a large quantity of gift cards.

Variations of this deception might surface, and if you receive the message, delete it. Do not open it. If you have followed any of its instructions or opened any links or attachments associated with it, then please reset your campus account passphrase immediately and contact the IT Express Service Desk, 530-754-HELP (4357).

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