Hutchison Project Requires Looping Detour

Quick Summary

  • Highway 113 on-ramps will be closed to cars coming from campus
  • Easy detour: Go around a roundabout and come back the other way
  • Bicyclists will still have a lane to themselves, going west

Updated 3 p.m. Nov. 4: The on-ramps to Highway 113 northbound and southbound from westbound Hutchison Drive will NOT be closed Saturday, Nov. 13, allowing a smooth exit for what is expected to be a large crowd after an Aggie football game that day.

The Hutchison Drive improvement project west of the central campus is about to get serious for employees, students and visitors who leave the campus by car, going west on Hutchison to get on Highway 113.

When the project's Phase 2 begins next week, you can still leave campus via Hutchison (one westbound lane will remain open), but the northbound and southbound on-ramps to the highway will be closed — that is, the two ramps on the north side of the overpass.

The detour is an easy one: Keep driving west across the overpass to the first roundabout along the route to UC Davis West Village, go all the way around the roundabout and return to the overpass going east — then you can use the on-ramps on the south side of Hutchison.

Aerial view of highway interchange with detour route added
​ Aerial view of Hutchison Drive work zone, showing Phase 2 detours Phase 2 ramp closures (red) on the north side of Hutchison Drive. Yellow indicates detour for westbound traffic. Eastbound lanes will remain open, and, in fact, are part of the detour. (Design and Construction Management) ​

The off-ramp from southbound Highway 113 will remain open, and drivers taking this exit will be able to turn left or right onto Hutchison. Pedestrians will be diverted to the sidewalk on the south side of Hutchison. Bikes will still have a lane of their own going west. The eastbound lanes will remain open.

In Phases 2 and 3, the contractor will be reconfiguring the on- and off-ramps on both sides of Hutchison, one side at a time. Phase 2 (north side) is scheduled from November to March, and Phase 3 (south side) from April until June.

Phase 1, which began in August, included the narrowing of the median across the overpass to make room for new bike lanes along this part of Hutchison that serves as a commute path between UC Davis West Village (which grew in population by 3,000 students in the last two years) and the central campus.

Campus officials said the project, which also includes sidewalk and crosswalk improvements, is designed for pedestrians’ and bicyclists’ comfort, while also promoting sustainability in how West Village residents get from home to campus and back. See previous Dateline story.

Ramp work

The contractor will remove two long, curved on-ramps, one used by westbound traffic on Hutchison to go north on Highway 113 and the other used by eastbound traffic on Hutchison to go south on the highway.

That will leave four ramps: two to go north or south on Highway 113 and two to exit the highway from either direction. Each pair of ramps will start or end at a new, signaled intersection.

Hutchison Drive drawing shows new ramps and squared intersections.
The junction of Hutchison Drive and Highway 113 will be reconfigured with two new “squared-up” intersections, with signals, where drivers will enter and exit the highway.

The schedule

Here are outlines of the work to be done in Phases 2 and 3:

Phase 2 (November-March)

  • Work on the north side of Hutchison, including sidewalk and two-way cycle track.
  • Westbound Hutchison will be limited to one lane.
  • On-ramps from westbound Hutchison to northbound and southbound 113 will be closed. Detour to the first roundabout at UC Davis West Village, circle the roundabout and double-back to use the on-ramps on the south side of Hutchison.
  • Off-ramp from southbound 113 will be open.

Phase 3 (April-June)

  • Work on the south side of Hutchison, including sidewalk and traditional bike lane.
  • Eastbound Hutchison will be limited to one lane.
  • New on-ramp to southbound 113 will be open (on the north side of Hutchison).
  • New on-ramp to northbound 113 will be under construction; drivers can use Old Davis Road or Russell Boulevard as an alternate.
  • Off-ramp from northbound 113 to Hutchison will be closed. Alternates: Access Hutchison by way of Old Davis Road off Interstate 80 or Russell Boulevard off Highway 113.

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