Heads Up, Eduroam and Duo Users

The campus’s eduroam wireless network is getting a new electronic security certificate this week and the Duo Mobile multifactor authentication app will cut back support for older operating systems next week — changes that may require some extra attention on your part.


For questions about the new eduroam certificate or the cutback in Duo Mobile support, contact IT Express:

  • Online
  • Phone — 530-754-HELP (4357)

Eduroam certificate — Information and Educational Technology announced that it will install the new electronic security certificate at 8 a.m. Wednesday (Feb. 1), and, when that happens, you may get a prompt on your computers and phones, asking you to accept the update. Accepting it will give you continued access to eduroam. If you have doubts about accepting, contact your department tech support or IT Express.

Experiences will vary depending on device, model and operating system. Some devices will accept the certificate automatically. See this Knowledge Base article for more information.

Certificates expire periodically, and for the past several years IET has been scheduling the updates every February.

Duo Mobile support — IET relayed information that, effective Thursday, Feb. 9, Duo will no longer update or support its app on Android 8 and 9, and iOS 13 operating systems. IET recommends upgrading by Feb. 1 to the latest versions of Android or iOS to maintain Duo’s updated security features. More information is available in this TechNews article. 

This article is adapted from TechNews posts by Ahna Ligtenberg Heller, communications analyst with Information and Educational Technology Client Success.

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