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Global Climate Action Summit: Here and in SF

By Dateline Staff on August 7, 2018 in University

The main event is in San Francisco: the Global Climate Action Summit, Sept. 12-14.

But UC Davis will host an affiliated event, in advance, a daylong symposium, “Managing Lands in a Changing Climate to Improve Agricultural Resiliency, Food Security and Health,” Monday, Sept. 10, presented by the UC Davis One Health Institute and the state Department of Conservation.

And other UC Davis institutes will host four affiliate sessions in San Francisco, Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 11-12, to bring together summit participants and spur collaboration around key topics in which UC Davis has demonstrated leadership and expertise: climate, energy, transportation and public policy.

Organizers of the Global Climate Action Summit say the meeting will celebrate the extraordinary achievements of states, regions, cities, companies, investors and citizens in acting on climate change, and “Take Ambition to the Next Level” by serving as a launch pad for deeper commitments and accelerated actions that can put the world on track to realize the historic Paris Agreement.

Sept. 10: Symposium on campus

Organizers of the campus symposium say it will zero in on the Global Climate Action Summit’s key themes, which focus on land stewardship and sustainable communities. The symposium’s goals include: 

  • Share models of success that emphasize integrated approaches to inspire innovation and action.
  • Identify innovative strategies and actions that have the greatest promise to promote agricultural resilience, food security and health in a changing climate.
  • Connect with fellow symposium participants in support of deepening and expanding networks, inspiring creative thinking and pioneering partnerships.
  • Inspire commitments to creating change through managing land and resource use in innovative ways, with a long-term view to sustaining ecosystem and agricultural services as well as population and planetary health outcomes.

Sept. 11-12: Affiliate sessions in SF

UC Davis is home to two renowned centers for applied transportation and energy research and multidisciplinary graduate education, the Institute for Transportation Studies and the Energy and Efficiency Institute, as well as the Policy Institute for Energy, Environment and the Economy, which engages lawmakers and stakeholders in policy formulation. All three institutes are involved in the Global Climate Action Summit-affiliated sessions in San Francisco.

The sessions with their times and dates (click on the titles for more information, including draft agendas):

UC Davis also will host an evening reception, Sept. 11, for all session attendees. All events will be conveniently located in downtown San Francisco near the primary Global Climate Action Summit venues.

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