Future Housing Projects

Exterior of Cottonwood Hall
Cottonwood Hall is part of the Tercero 4 complex that, beginning the weekend of Sept. 23 and 24, will be home to 600 students. (Sean Johnson/UC Davis)

The UC Davis 2017 Long Range Development Plan, or LRDP, now in preparation, will guide the campus through projected growth in the campus community, the expansion of existing programs and launch of new initiatives — and facilities for them.

In addition to proposing the most ambitious housing plan ever for UC Davis, the campus continues to explore additional housing and density options for the LRDP proposal. Access to housing is a critical challenge throughout California, and we are committed to making our LRDP proposal both ambitious and viable, recognizing that affordability is a key factor for our students.

The campus is currently writing the plan’s draft Environmental Impact Report using feedback already collected from the public agencies and the community. The report should be available in early 2018.

The website Campus Tomorrow provides more detail about the draft planning scenario. 

Future housing projects include:

  • The Tercero Dining Commons 2 project includes a new 500-seat dining hall to allow for the growth in the Tercero area, a retail dining venue to serve the Tercero and Silo neighborhoods, and a study to help locate the site for a future residential complex. It totals about $32 million. The dining hall and retail space are scheduled to open in fall 2019. (In 2016, the Tercero Dining Commons added 180 seats on the first floor for a total of just under 800 seats in the facility.)
  • Webster Hall in the Cuarto area, with 266 beds, was closed in 2017 to make way for a taller replacement building with up to 400 beds in a residence-hall style. The $50 million project is scheduled to open in fall 2019.
  • The Orchard Park project will provide 200 affordable, two-bedroom apartments to serve students with families. It will replace a like number of apartments on the northwest campus site, which closed in 2014. The campus is also seeking a minimum of an additional 900 beds for single graduate students. A request for proposals to build the project was issued this spring, and plans call for the housing to be available for fall 2020.
  • The West Village Transfer Student Housing project will provide a target of 1,875 beds of apartment-style student housing to the north and west of the existing West Village development. About 1,200 of the beds will be master leased back to the UC Davis campus. The project is part of the same request for proposals issued this spring.
  • A proposal to replace Emerson Hall in the Cuarto area continues with site analysis to help determine the size and capacity of the replacement building. The $94 million project is scheduled to open in fall 2022.

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