Forget to Pay for Your Parking? Now You Have a 1-Day Grace Period

Quick Summary

  • Pilot program offers partial relief in C, L, F and M zones
  • Pay by end of next day, or invoice converts to $55 citation
  • You are eligible for an invoice only twice within 12 months

You may like ParkMobile as an alternative to annual parking permits — with ParkMobile, we pay (via the app or online) only on the days we drive to campus — but you probably don’t like it so much when you forget to pay and get slapped with a $55 citation.

Now, in a spring quarter pilot project, Transportation Services is offering limited, partial relief by way of the Parking Invoice Program in C, L, F and M zones, whereby you will receive an invoice instead of a citation when you forget to pay. The invoice will be for the higher, non-UC Davis affiliate rate of $15 — but at least it won’t be $55.

“The Parking Invoice Program is in response to feedback from the campus community to provide a simpler and less expensive process for those who forgot to pay for parking or weren’t aware of their permit options,” said Perry Eggleston, director of Transportation Service. “Invoicing offers a more convenient and affordable fee instead of having to pay a full citation or submit an appeal.”

The invoice is payable only through midnight the day after it is issued. After that, it converts to a $55 citation.

Note: Invoices cannot be appealed. If you initiate the appeal process, the invoice will convert to a citation automatically.

Also important to remember: Affiliates and nonaffiliates are eligible to be invoiced only two times every 12 months. So, as you can see, it still behooves us to remember to make payment when we park.


At the start of 2023, Transportation Services announced that ParkMobile would send alerts on its app whenever you drove onto campus, to remind you to pay. Transportation Services is still working with ParkMobile to get the alerts activated.

As an alternative, Transportation Services suggests using a “shortcut” app — for example, Shortcuts in iOS (for iPhone and iPad) or equivalent apps for the Android operating system. The Shortcuts app by Apple includes an automation setting, that, in the case of ParkMobile, will open the app automatically when you drive onto campus, as determined by your device’s GPS.

Payroll deduction

Transportation Services continues to work toward re-establishing a payroll deduction program for parking, after the old system went away when annual permits went away. An update on the Transportation Services website reads:

“We are in the final stages of onboarding a new vendor, who will be able to offer payroll deduction. We didn’t anticipate the amount of time the process to bring on a new vendor could be and apologize for any inconvenience. When we have information to share, we will be sure to update the campus community.”

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