THE DOWNLOAD: Wrapped Bus, Wedding, Veterinary Oncology

A bus decorated with photos of UC Davis athletes.
Riding in style: A Unitrans bus adorned with Champion Aggies branding is making its way around Davis. (Christopher Hicks/UC Davis)

Unitrans riders are getting a lift around Davis from some of UC Davis’ “Champion Aggies.” As part of the new campaign promoting Intercollegiate Athletics, a bus has been wrapped to showcase athletes and some of the sports they play.

Medical Center hosts wedding on short notice

UC Davis Health patient Kristina hoped to get married before the birth of her baby, but has to stay in the hospital up until the delivery. So UC Davis Medical Center brought the wedding to her and fiancé Nathan, all planned in just a week. They tied the knot surrounded by family, friends and hospital staff. See more in the above video.

How vet med focuses on oncology

The veterinary oncology team at UC Davis has one overriding goal: ending cancer. Through care for individual animals and 16 clinical trials, the School of Veterinary Medicine is hoping to provide better lives for patients.

“The whole point is to have our patients spend more good, quality time with their families,” said Michael Kent, director of the Center for Companion Animal Health.

Learn more in the above video.

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