THE DOWNLOAD: Thanking Staff with Food, Games and More

There’s plenty to do at Thank Goodness for Staff, the annual Staff Assembly-organized picnic showing appreciation for all staff, besides visiting the assortment of food trucks.

Staff members toss water balloons to each other at the 2018 Thank Goodness for Staff picnic.
Staff members toss water balloons to one another at the 2018 Thank Goodness for Staff picnic. (Karin Higgins/UC Davis)

For those with an office team, there’s a lime-and-spoon carrying competition, as well as a water-balloon toss. Registration for those events is open now. Volleyball nets will be set up, and the TGFS dunk tank will be in operation.

If you want to get into the spirit before the event, you can design a logo for next year’s TGFS — attendees will pick their favorites during this year’s event. For the sports-minded, golf, volleyball and tennis tournaments will be held in late April and early May.


The TGFS website has information on shuttle stops for the main event, the “Thank Goodness For Staff After Dark” for swing-shift and graveyard-shift employees, and a list of frequently asked questions.

Meal tickets are available until Friday (April 26), and volunteer signups are now open.

See a video invitation from Chancellor Gary S. May and his wife, LeShelle, above.

Staff brewing champions

A staff brewing trophy
This year, the best of show trophy went to a team with members from Facilities Management, Campus Recreation and Utilities Division.

In a testament to UC Davis’ interdisciplinary strengths, only one of the top teams of staff brewers featured more than a single person from any department.

This year’s Staff Brewing Competition at UC Davis pitted teams of UC affiliates (staff, graduate students, faculty and alumni) against one another in three categories: pale ales, sours and ciders. The winners of each category were announced at the tasting event, held last Friday (April 19) at the Buehler Alumni Center.

See the winning teams on the Staff Brewing Competition website.

Cat experts answer ‘anything’ on Reddit

Answer to question about speaking to cats with meows.

The most common questions revolved around how to deal with aggressive or attention-seeking cats, and how to prevent cats from doing their business outside the litter box. Does your cat meow incessantly at night for attention? Our experts say ignore it, as any response encourages the cat. Instead, give your cat more playtime throughout the day and perhaps a big meal right before bedtime. Is your cat biting when you try to pet it? Give kitty a little space, use interactive toys and contact a veterinary behaviorist if it’s really bad.

One of the more unique questions came from an owner concerned his or her cat might be developing an addiction to watching television. Our experts noted that if he’s watching Game of Thrones, he’s just like everyone else in the world.

The full list of questions and answers can still be viewed on Reddit.

— Amy Quinton

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