THE DOWNLOAD: Symphony Goes On, Family Caregivers

Despite not being able to rehearse last week due to the campus closure, the UC Davis Symphony Orchestra opened its 60th season Sunday (Nov. 18) mostly as planned.

“After working really hard for six to seven weeks on a massive piece like the Mahler, to not give students the chance to perform would have been demoralizing,” music director and conductor Christian Baldini said before the concert. “We gave them the choice. I’m so impressed by their strength, their determination and I’m so very grateful that, with maybe three to four exceptions, everybody said, ‘yes, let’s do this.’ So here they are offering something really special to our community in very difficult circumstances, so I think they deserve another round of applause.”

They dedicated the concert — which had to be modified because of soloist Andrei Baumann’s absence — to the memory of Eldridge Moores, who played cello with the orchestra for 28 years and who died last month.

Baldini’s remarks begin at around the 19-minute mark in the above video.

AARP gets help from nursing school for instructional videos

Faculty at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis partner with colleagues at AARP to empower family caregivers with the knowledge and skills needed to care for a loved one at home. From caring for aging parents to assisting a partner with complex health needs, one third of American households fall within the realm of caregiving.

Read more on the School of Nursing’s website.

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