THE DOWNLOAD: Student-Created Plays, Solar House, Tweets

International students are expressing more of their own culture at UC Davis through a new club, the Davis Chinese Theater and Comedy Club. Learn how it got started and how it's benefiting in the above video.

Your very own solar house for only $100K

One item up for sale at Aggie Surplus is just a bit larger than the typical office furniture and computers it usually sells: The home designed and built by students for the 2015 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. The home, which won first place in the "affordability" category, is currently sitting on a trailer waiting for a permanent home.

"Not only is it beautiful but it also comes furnished and has solar power," Aggie Surplus said in an email newsletter. "Asking price is $100,000.00. Available for public purchase now."

Call 530-752-2145 for more info.

No winner yet in beer-for-a-butterfly

There's still time to earn a free pitcher of beer from evolution and ecology professor Art Shapiro, if you can be the first person in 2018 to catch a cabbage white butterfly. Shapiro, who watches the weather closely, predicts it will dry up mid-week. Once it does, the butterflies might emerge.

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