THE DOWNLOAD: Strawberry Robots, The Internet’s Questions

Strawberry season may be getting streamlined thanks to new robot coworkers developed at UC Davis. 

Using an innovative prediction and scheduling system, Fragile cRop hArvest-aIding mobiLe robots, or FRAIL-bots, track the picking process of each worker so when they’re finished filling a tray with strawberries, a FRAIL-bot is already nearby to take it back to the collection station for them. 

Efficiency during strawberry season is key for both workers and producers, as workers are typically paid by how much they pick in a day, and producers regularly deal with labor shortages.  

Of course, walking is healthy — but, in this case, workers often need to walk hundreds of feet to and from the edge of the field every time they’re done harvesting. The team’s initial studies showed that having FRAIL-bots do this can lead to a 25% time savings, which would lead to greater pay and higher yield each season.

Read the complete story by Noah Pflueger-Peters of the College of Engineering’s marketing and communications team.

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