THE DOWNLOAD: ‘STILL’ Exhibit, 1996 Plug-In Hybrid

The UC Davis Design Museum’s current exhibition explores racism through the work of pioneering father-daughter cartoonists, the late Brumsic Brandon Jr. and Barbara Brandon-Croft. The exhibition, “STILL: Racism in America, A Retrospective in Cartoons,” runs through April 21.

In the above video, Darnel Degand, assistant professor in the School of Education, offers an overview of it.

Broadcasts, behind the scenes

What goes into producing broadcasts of Aggie sporting events? Watch the above video to hear from students who help make them happen.

Blast from UC Davis’ plug-in past

What would a plug-in hybrid look like if it were made in 1996 by a group of UC Davis students? (The Prius wasn’t sold in the United States until 2000, and plug-in hybrids weren’t widely available in this country until a decade later.) Watch a video tour of “Joule,” a car created on campus.

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