THE DOWNLOAD: Preventing Ski Injuries; Nurse Mentors Former Patient

With the recent snowfall, many are heading to the Sierra to start their ski or snowboard seasons. There are things you can and should do first, however, to help avoid injury on the slopes. 

“The chances of getting hurt are higher at first, because these aren’t year-round sports and you probably haven’t worked the important muscle groups very hard in a while,” said surgeon Cassandra Lee, chief of orthopaedic sports medicine at UC Davis Health. 

See which injuries are the most common and how skiers and snowboarders can prevent them in the above video and on the UC Davis Health website.

Nurse mentors student whose life she saved 15 years ago

Connie Rogers, a registered nurse at UC Davis Health who mentors nursing students, recently worked with a familiar name: a man whose life she saved in 2005. Hear their story in the above video.

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