THE DOWNLOAD: Nursing Experience, Feeding the Hungry, Halloween

UC Davis nursing students are getting hands-on experience early in their academic careers, and it's in an environment designed to challenge them. Watch the above video for details on the work students are doing at the Asian Community Center in Sacramento and the University Retirement Center in Davis.

Spooky staff costumes, in Sacramento and Davis

Staff at the UC Davis Cancer Center dressed up for Halloween.
Staff at the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center in Sacramento dressed up for Halloween.

Students weren't the only ones who got into the Halloween spirit at UC Davis. Staff members at the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center in Sacramento (pictured above) and Shields Library on the Davis campus spent Halloween decked out in costume.

Feeding Yolo and Beyond

How can so many people in Yolo County go hungry when so much food is grown here? That's the problem the Yolo County Food Bank, the Innovation Institute for Food and Health at UC Davis, and community organization Family Hui Mainland are seeking to solve. See how they're hoping to use tomatoes to help in the above video.

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