THE DOWNLOAD: Match Day, Falcon Cam

More than 100 fourth-year students learned Friday where they’ll head for training after graduation. See how they reacted in the above video and on the UC Davis Health website.

Women's Resources and Research Center

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The falcons are back

Falcon nest with egg
The peregrine falcon nest, with a lone egg... for now.
A peregrine falcon perched on ledge near nest
The peregrine falcon taking its duties as campus protector seriously as it watches over the Sacramento campus.

The peregrine falcons have returned to their homemade nest atop the UC Davis Medical Center, and it appears they already laid an egg. This year marks the seventh season falcons have called UC Davis Health home. The birds have appeared since at least 2015. Each year, they arrive in March to lay their eggs, which typically hatch around 34 days later. The falcon family will then stay comfortably in the nest through June before departing.

Click here to check out the live feed of this year’s peregrine falcon.

Read more about the falcons, including info about new cameras installed this year.

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