THE DOWNLOAD: L’Oréal Fellow, Studying Cancer in Pets

Marina LaForgia already has a catchy name for the course she’s developing to teach students about the accomplishments of women in botany: “Badass Babes of Botany.” She’s creating the course using funding from the L'Oréal USA For Women in Science Fellowship, announced earlier this month.

LaForgia, a postdoctoral scholar, researches seed dispersal of plants to help determine which species will be most vulnerable to environmental change.

Learn more about her in the above video, on the Population Biology Graduate Group’s website and in L’Oréal’s news release.

Comparing cancer

Researchers at UC Davis are applying what they’ve learned from studying cancer in pets to the study of cancer in humans. Learn more in the video above.

Watching the World Cup

Finals are actually next week, but CBS 13 news and sports reporter Andrew Haubner still made a good point: This is “cool!”

Virtual toy drive at children’s hospital

Being hospitalized is no fun, especially during the holidays. But you can help make the season more festive for pediatric patients and families by supporting the UC Davis Children’s Hospital’s 2022 virtual holiday toy drive, which launched last week. The Virtual Holiday Toy Drive, now in its fourth year, is a fundraising event in lieu of the hospital’s traditional gift drive through and drop off. The toy drive is available online, and more information is available on the UC Davis Health website.

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