THE DOWNLOAD: Hammock Sounds, Chancellor on Horseback

If a hammock sways and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? That question may not be answered by the above “UC Davis Soundscape” video, but it does allow viewers to take in the calming sights and sounds of the Quad. View other Soundscape videos here.

A new way to fight pain?

During the pandemic, physicians used infusions of monoclonal antibodies — antibodies made in a lab — to help patients fight off COVID-19 infections. Now, researchers at UC Davis are trying to create monoclonal antibodies that can help fight chronic pain. The goal is to develop a monthly non-addictive pain medication that can replace opioids.

Learn more in the above video or on the UC Davis Health website.

First-years run, chancellor rides

Chancellor Gary S. May arrived at Saturday’s Aggie football game by a new method: on horseback. He entered the stadium alongside Maggie the Aggie, helping to welcome students participating in the annual Running of the First-Years. He joked about possible future entrances being even flashier.

Provost praises Manetti Shrem opening

Read more about the new exhibit here.

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