THE DOWNLOAD: Halftime Show, Wastewater Monitoring

The main focus on the NCAA football championship game Monday (Jan. 11) between Alabama and Ohio State may have been on the gridiron, but UC Davis helped make the halftime show possible.

Four UC Davis students played in the virtual marching band performance that was shown during the break in the game: Jordi Avila (alto saxophone), Celia Amezcua (tenor saxophone), Micah Gruenwald (trombone), and Nazil Luqman (trumpet) appeared in the above video, especially between 1:50 and 2:05 in the recording.

“You can also see Celia show off some cool dance moves around the 2:50 mark,” said Garrett Rigsby, UC Davis Marching Band director.

The video was produced by the College Band Directors Association, and included 1,500 students from 200 institutions, Rigsby said.

Looking for COVID-19 in the sewers

You may have read about how researchers at UC Davis are sampling wastewater on campus for signs of COVID-19 infection, but now you can see it in action. Don’t worry — it’s not anything you need to avoid watching during your lunch hour! See an explanation of the process in the above video.

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