THE DOWNLOAD: A Festive Atmosphere at Kickoff Celebration

A crowd of people at the 2020 Kickoff Celebration.
Around 1,000 people came to the 2020 Kickoff Celebration this week. (Karin Higgins/UC Davis)

This week’s announcement of a new campaign to increase visibility of UC Davis wasn’t just about speakers on a stage — the 2020 Kickoff Celebration on Monday (Jan. 27) included interactive activities that all of the 1,000 or so staff and faculty members in attendance could take part in.

Here we’ve compiled some of what they said about the event on social media. See more posts on the UC Davis Tagboard for the event.

Chancellor Gary S. May and LeShelle May with a John Deere Gator.
Chancellor Gary S. May and LeShelle May prepare backstage for a surprise entrance on this custom-wrapped Gator. (TC Clark/UC Davis)
Woman reacts to winning a prize.
Colleen Allen, a community education specialist with the Child and Adolescent Abuse Resource and Evaluation Diagnostic and Treatment Center, won an Apple Watch at Monday’s event. (Karin Higgins/UC Davis)
Denisha “Coco Blossom” Bland performs on stage.
Alumna Denisha “Coco Blossom” Bland performed a spoken word piece at the event. (Karin Higgins/UC Davis)

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