THE DOWNLOAD: Understanding Clothing, Clothing the Needy

When getting dressed in the morning, seams and patterns likely aren’t at the top of many people’s minds.

Adele Zhang, a lecturer in the Department of Design, hopes to change that with “Shape Up: Case Studies in Fashion Making.” The exhibition turns garments inside out to show their structure, and runs at the UC Davis Design Museum through Dec. 8.

Showcasing clothing from Africa, Asia and Central America as well as western garments from the UC Davis Jo Ann C. Stabb Design Collection, this exhibition reveals the hidden structures, patterns and shaping methods that underlie fashion creation.

The exhibition’s three sections ­— “Tailored Silhouettes,” “Untrimmed Contours” and “New Dimensions” — acknowledge the long history of artisanship behind how clothing was shaped and its influential role in design practice.

Read more on the UC Davis Arts Department website.

Students hand out coats to needy in Sacramento

With the winter months fast approaching, UC Davis students are helping the less fortunate prepare by handing out free coats. Watch the above video to learn more about what the students are doing through the Willow Clinic.

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