THE DOWNLOAD: Design on the Field, Protecting Thiebaud

Design might not be something the average sports fan associates with football, but it’s something that is always top of mind for wide receiver Carson Crawford. In this “More Than an Athlete” video, the senior explains how he came to his design major and how it impacts his thinking on the gridiron.

Thiebaud sidles up to the ‘vaccine counter’

Wayne Thiebaud received a COVID-19 vaccination at UC Davis Health last week. (Wayne Tilcock/UC Davis Health)

The art of COVID-19 vaccinations at UC Davis Health now includes one of the world’s most recognizable, beloved and active artists, Wayne Thiebaud. The longtime UC Davis art professor stopped in to UC Davis Health to get his shot Friday (Feb. 12). Known for his paintings of cakes and pies, landscapes and cityscapes, Thiebaud also knows a little something about staying healthy. After all, he turned 100 last November.

— UC Davis Health

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