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THE DOWNLOAD: Baby Bird Livestream, Championship Rings

By Cody Kitaura/Dateline on May 21, 2019 in University

The UC Davis Medical Center launched a livestream Monday (May 20) that lets viewers watch the hospital’s peregrine falcon family, complete with four cute newborns.

They hatched last month in a nest on the hospital roof. The still-unsteady babies — thought to be three males and one female — are doing well. The young birds have a downy soft coat that is long and fluffy. Their pin feathers are beginning to emerge at wing tips and tail.

Read more about the family of birds.

The livestream is available on the UC Davis Health website.

Football team gets championship rings

A coach hands a ring box to a football player.
Wide receivers coach Cody Hawkins hands a ring box to defensive back Jon Amadi. (Mark Honbo/UC Davis)

While last season’s UC Davis football performance, which culminated in a Big Sky Conference title and NCAA postseason run, will not soon be forgotten, the student-athletes, coaches and staff received a tangible reminder of their achievements Monday (May 20) when they received their championship rings.A Big Sky Conference Championship ring.

Head coach Dan Hawkins has been a part of numerous titles in his career, including four Western Athletic Conference crowns at Boise State, but presenting rings at his alma mater — particularly in the presence of numerous past Aggie coaches — proved a special highlight.

“This will go down in my career as one of the most blissful moments ever, and I mean that sincerely,” Hawkins said. The veteran mentor, now heading into his third season at the Aggie helm, invited former UC Davis coaches Bob Biggs, Bob Foster, Sam Young and Steve “Lou” Bronzan to the ceremony. According to Hawkins, the championships won in the 1970s through 1990s are connected to the 2018 title through such figures.

Replica versions of the ring are available to fans as a reward for purchasing 2019 season ticket packages.

Read more on the Athletics website.

— Mark Honbo

How to meet faculty members

Faculty members have a message for students: You're the reason we're here, so don't be afraid to reach out. That's what a group of professors say in the above video, produced by Undergraduate Education, which includes an overview of what faculty members do and suggestions for ways students can communicate with them.

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