THE DOWNLOAD: Aging, Bleachers, Commencement, Dip

Bleachers being removed at Toomey Field.
The bleachers may be leaving Toomey Field, but the track is staying. (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)

Seating around a longtime UC Davis athletic venue is going to look a little different the next time a competition is held there.

The bleachers at Toomey Fieldwhich had been deemed unsafe — are coming down, to be replaced with temporary versions that will be brought in as needed.

The longtime track and field venue will still be used for competition.

Centurylong wine experiment begins

UC Davis researchers are conducting a 100-year experiment to examine how the structure and chemistry of natural wine corks change over time. Led by viticulture and enology professor Andrew Waterhouse, the project will look at how certain characteristics of the corks slow the transmission of oxygen, which can directly affect the quality of the wine and how well it ages.

The project will examine already bottled wine of different ages, but also follow newly bottled wines for 100 years. Researchers launched the experiment last week, bottling 110 gallons of wine, or about 400 bottles.

Dipping into a little snack

Dip competition flyer


Just in time for the Super Bowl, Staff Assembly will host a Dip-Off on Monday, Jan. 29, in Ballroom A at the Activities and Recreation Center. Prizes will be awarded to the three most popular dips, as well as the entrant with the best table display.

Registration is open for dip creators ("dip masters") and tasters — and there's only space for about 50 of each. More information and registration links.

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