‘Connect’ With First-Year Aggies in the Fall

Four female students, posing, on bikes.
If First-Year Aggie Connections revert to in-person in the fall, we will see more group photos like this one.

Quick Summary

  • Staff, faculty and graduate students are eligible to be facilitators of First-Year Aggie Connections
  • You will meet with your ‘connection’ — a small group of students — at least six times during the quarter
  • First-Year Aggie Connections staff will help you prepare a proposal for your connection

Spring quarter is just getting started, and one program is already gearing up for fall: First-Year Aggie Connections seeks facilitators (staff, faculty or graduate students) to meet up with “connections” of new freshmen, transfer students and international students.

The program assigns students to small groups, or connections, each built around a shared interest, purpose or theme. The facilitator of each group serves as an immediate connection to campus, and the connection members have the opportunity to connect with other students.

Each facilitator is asked to meet with their connection at least times during the quarter. Students working as peer mentors can be assigned to a connection at the facilitator’s request. Rachel Bingham, program coordinator, said no decision has been made on whether First-Year Aggie Connections will revert to in-person in the fall; if not, connections will meet online. (Bike connection photo above is prepandemic.)

The first step to becoming a facilitator is submitting a program proposal for a connection. Not sure how to get started? First-Year Aggie Connections will help you. “We encourage all prospective new facilitators to join us for one of the upcoming info or co-working sessions,” Bingham said.

Information sessions (program overview): 

  • Thursday, April 15 — 1:30-2:30 p.m. Zoom Meeting ID 939-8911-5896
  • Friday, April 16 — 10-10:50 a.m. Zoom Meeting ID 964-8940-4718

Theme proposal co-working sessions (get help with connection theme ideas, writing a description and submitting the proposal): 

  • Wednesday, April 21 — 9-10 a.m. Zoom Meeting ID 977-5149-3396
  • Thursday, April 22 — 1:30-2:30 p.m. Zoom Meeting ID 954-9590-9864

Proposals are due by April 30.

Questions? Contact First-Year Aggie Connections by email.

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