From Classroom to Canyon

Experience UC Davis Students’ Journey of Science, Discovery and Education in the Grand Canyon Through Interactive Multimedia Project

Water, rocks and life. Perhaps nowhere on the planet is that combination so brilliantly on display as where the Grand Canyon meets the Colorado River.

That’s why, each spring, UC Davis graduate students of geology, ecology and hydrology explore the Grand Canyon by floating down the Colorado River, splitting the 225-mile river journey into two halves.

In 2016, UC Davis environment writer Kat Kerlin and videographer-photographer Joe Proudman were invited to join the first half. A week of science and discovery in one of the world’s most extraordinary places? How could they possibly resist?

They tossed a few GoPro cameras to students along the way and brought back videos (360° and otherwise), stories, photographs and podcasts.

The result? A new interactive multimedia website, released today by UC Davis, where you can experience the students’ journey of science, education and discovery in the Grand Canyon.

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