Chancellor’s All About the Heartbeat

Celebrates 25 Years of Arrhythmia Care at UC Davis Health

Chancellor Gary S. May, in face mask, observes as Uma N. Srivatsa shows a model of the heart
Chancellor Gary S. May with Uma N. Srivatsa, director of arrhythmia services, who explains some of the latest technologies in the field. (Wayne Tilcock/UC Davis Health)

Chancellor Gary S. May joined in last week when UC Davis Health celebrated 25 years of providing services for arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat, caused by a problem with the electrical impulses that control the heart.

During his visit Dec. 15, the chancellor toured the medical center’s Electrophysiology Laboratory, or EP Lab, home of arrhythmia research and comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services, including drug therapy and pacemaker implantation; and observed the newest engineering technologies used to monitor and map the electrical systems of the heart as well as treat arrhythmias.

Chancellor Gary S. May, in face mask, wearing virtual reality headset
Chancellor May experiences a virtual reality tour of the left atrial chamber of the heart. (Wayne Tilcock/UC Davis Health)

“Innovation is at the heart of our mission at UC Davis,” said May, an electrical engineer himself. “It’s truly inspiring to see our researchers, students, faculty and staff working side-by-side and using the newest technologies to provide the most advanced and sophisticated care for our community.”

Touring and chatting

Susan Murin, interim dean of the School of Medicine; Thomas Smith, chief of cardiovascular medicine; and Uma N. Srivatsa, clinical professor of cardiovascular medicine and director of arrhythmia services, led the chancellor on his tour, during which he took the opportunity to chat with faculty, staff and fellows, thanking them for their efforts in patient care.

Srivatsa said: “We’re excited to have the chancellor here to showcase the incredible work of our arrhythmia services team and advanced imaging tools.”

With its comprehensive range of specialties, technologies, clinical trials, outreach programs and focus on patient care, UC Davis Health is widely recognized as the premier cardiovascular care provider in Northern California.

“We’re very proud to provide state-of-the-art care for patients with all types of cardiac arrhythmias, as well as provide nonoperative solutions for patients with structural heart disease,” Srivatsa said. “Our EP physicians use our leading-edge technology to restore patients’ quality of life and eliminate the disabling symptoms caused by cardiac arrhythmias.”

Liam Connolly is a senior public information officer in UC Davis Health Public Affairs and Marketing.

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