Chancellor Boosts Blood Drive: Save Lives and #BeatSacState

Chancellor chats with blood donors, in front of bloodmobile.
Chancellor Gary S. May stops by Causeway Classic Blood Drive, while walking between meetings. (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis photo)

Chancellor Gary S. May knows full well the Causeway Classic isn’t just about football. We also have the Causeway Classic Blood Drive — and the chancellor stopped by this afternoon (Nov. 7) to show his support.

The blood bank runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. today through Thursday (Nov. 7-9) in bloodmobiles on both sides of the Quad. We’re in the 10th year of this annual competition with Sacramento State, to see which campus can bring out the most donors.

The chancellor also knows the Causeway Classic Blood Drive isn’t just about beating Sac State (although we should note that UC Davis leads the blood drive series, 5-4).

“What better way to help save lives than to donate blood? You will be helping blood banks all across the country meet the demand of patients in need, especially in mass casualties, as we saw recently in Las Vegas and New York City and Texas,” he said.

BloodSource offers a “fast track” for faculty and staff, allowing them to complete the blood donation process as quickly as possible — in consideration of the fact they may have limited time to be away from their jobs. Just bring your staff or faculty ID to the check-in table.

All participants will receive a free T-shirt, a special offer from JoyRun (peer-to-peer platform for deliveries within a community) and a chance to win a gift bag with a $25 gift card to Mikuni restaurants.

Can’t make the campus blood drive but still want to help the Aggie cause? No problem: You’re welcome to visit any BloodSource location, where you can credit your donation to UC Davis donor club 1735 — but you’ll need to do this by Friday (Nov. 10) if you want your donation to count in the Causeway Classic Blood Drive.

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