Cats and Owners Reuniting at UC Davis

A man and woman hold a cat with bandaged paws.
Laci Ping and her husband, Curtis Mullins, thought they had lost Mayson in the Camp Fire. (Courtesy Laci Ping)

The School of Veterinary Medicine is reuniting some pets brought to campus after the Camp Fire with their owners.

Laci Ping and her husband, Curtis Mullins, adopted Mayson just two weeks ago. The tabby slipped through a carrier when an explosion startled him during the Camp Fire evacuation.

Mayson was among the first group of cats — 23 in all — to be delivered to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital Monday (Nov. 12). He was then featured in a Facebook album of photos that has been shared more than 60,000 times.

Ping traveled to UC Davis to identify her cat, who has to stay another week while burns on all four paws heal. In the meantime, he’s getting microchipped, neutered and vaccinated.

“He’s all taken care of,” she said. “I have nothing to worry about.”

Ping said Mayson is the sole bright spot during a very stressful time.

“The one good thing in our lives at the moment is him.”

Ping's sister, Corina Bell Laney, shared a video of the reunion to Facebook.

"I know it's a tough time but miracles do happen so don't give up on your fur babies and know they're waiting for you to come and rescue them," she said.

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