Car ‘Cited’ With Fake Ticket

UC Davis police are warning of a parking ticket scam on campus.

fake parking ticket uc davis
This notice was found on a car in The Pavilion Parking Structure. (Transportation Services)

A driver returned to their car in The Pavilion Parking Structure on Monday (July 13) and found a notice claiming to be a parking citation. It listed a website that, when visited, prompted users to pay $85 via PayPal to clear their infraction.

“Nobody except UC Davis Transportation Services or the UC Davis Police Department has authority to issue parking citation on UC Davis property,” the police said in a crime alert this week. “UC Davis does not process payment for any fees or services via PayPal.”

As of today (July 16), the fraudulent website, which claimed to be “an independent parking enforcement organization based around UC Davis,” was no longer functioning.

Anyone who has received a fraudulent citation or paid money to the phony website is asked to call UC Davis police, 530-752-1727.

Parking permits are currently not required to park on campus, although compliance with restricted spaces (bus loading areas and fire lanes, as well as spaces reserve for disabled people) is still being enforced.

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