Campus Police Arrest 3 for Vandalism

UC Davis police arrested three individuals for vandalism early Friday morning, after several buildings and other structures on campus were tagged with graffiti.

At around 1:40 a.m., officers responded to a call about graffiti on two of the Egghead sculptures near Mrak Hall, and observed three individuals spray-painting other Eggheads near the Art Building. After a foot chase, officers detained all three individuals and recovered spray paint cans and other evidence of vandalism.

Officers believe multiple groups of people were vandalizing campus facilities at the same time. While the university respects our community’s right to free expression, vandalism is not protected speech.

One of three individuals arrested is a current student. Separate from criminal proceedings, the student’s actions will be reviewed under the university Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline.

During the detention of one individual, an officer unintentionally discharged a service weapon. No one was injured. Consistent with the UC Davis Police Accountability Board procedures, Police Chief Joe Farrow is referring this matter to the independent Police Accountability Board for review.

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