California's Gambling Revenues Way Up

Legal gambling in California increased 10 percent from a year ago, and a recently completed study projects a 13 percent increase this year to $3.2 billion. The economic study of California gambling was prepared by Marilyn Whitney, an assistant professor of agricultural economics at UC Davis. Whitney says that her report documents that state lottery, cardroom and tribal gaming revenues are all increasing, while horse racing and charity bingo revenues are declining. "It appears that in this state, the greatest potential growth from legal gambling would be from tribal gaming facilities, particularly slot machines," says Whitney. "Revenues from Indian casinos, which grew by 29 percent to $407 million last year are rising due to a dramatic increase of slot-machine style devices, up from 200 units in 1993 to more than 8,000 today." The State Legislature commissioned the research by Whitney to gauge the economic impact of various gambling proposals before the state.

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