Better cell reception, Employee discounts

Better cell reception

If you have trouble getting cell phone service in a UC Davis building, some-times all you need to do is move closer to a window.

In a few buildings, though, you can get good cell phone service everywhere — depending on your wireless company — thanks to antenna systems that run through the ceilings.

The systems are "extremely expensive," said Zack O'Donnell, client services manager for the Communications Resources unit. The only buildings with such technology now are the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and Vet Med II, each with systems financed by Sprint Nextel, and the new Center for Watershed Sciences, where Cingular paid for a $27,000 system.

O'Donnell explained that the ceiling antennae are connected by coaxial cable to rooftop antennae, which then carry signals to and from other cellular antennae.

Employee discounts

Since we are on the topic of cellular phones, did you know that UC Davis employees are eligible for discounts for Cingular, Sprint Nextel and Verizon service and equipment?

All three offer 15 percent off monthly service fees on qualifying plans and equipment discounts.

More information is available online (for Cingular and Verizon) and by telephone (Sprint Nextel).

Cingular — (click on "Corporate discount eligibility" under the Business heading).

Verizon — (click on "Employee Discounts.")

The Cingular and Verizon sites will ask you to enter your work e-mail address, and further information will then be mailed to that address.

For details about the Sprint Nextel program, call (800) 390-7545 and refer to corporate discount GAEUC_DVS_ZZZ.

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