‘The Backdrop’ Podcast Features the Mondavi Center for the Arts’ Executive Director on Program Highlighting Composers and Works Derailed by the Nazi Regime

Episode 18 Examines the ‘Recovered Voices’ Project and the 2-Day Event Presented at UC Davis in Collaboration With the Colburn School in Los Angeles

Quick Summary

  • Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts Executive Director Don Roth discusses the ‘Recovered Voices’ project highlighting composers and works derailed by the Nazi regime.

In the 1930s and ’40s, the Nazi regime in Germany and elsewhere in Europe banned and destroyed what it deemed “degenerate art” — modern styles of literature, visual art and music it considered un-German.  This spring, UC Davis’ Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts hosted a unique program aimed at reviving and restoring the music of composers whose careers and lives were disrupted — or worse — during those years.

In this episode of The Backdrop podcast, Mondavi Center Executive Director Don Roth discusses the project and the two-day event, called “Recovered Voices,” which featured two concerts of the nearly lost music along with a symposium including faculty from the UC Davis Jewish Studies Program.

Roth also looks back at his 17-season tenure as executive director of the Mondavi Center as he prepares to retire on Aug. 31.

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