Anti-Bias Funding Proposals Move Forward

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Proposals on how to spend one-time funds to address bias and bigotry have been submitted the UC Office of the President.

After reviewing three dozen proposals, UC Davis has submitted proposals to the UC Office of the President on how it plans to use one-time funding set aside to address bias, bigotry and discrimination, including antisemitism, Islamophobia and more.

UC Davis will receive $700,000, and has already earmarked $135,000 for programs related to emergency mental health and trauma support. Officials sought proposals for ways to use the remaining $565,000, and received ideas ranging from panel discussions to trainings for managers and supervisors to public art installations.

The final proposals fall into one of three categories:

  • Mental Health and Trauma Support “to provide emergency mental health and trauma support for students, faculty and staff.”
  • Educational Programming “to develop educational initiatives focused on understanding and addressing bias and bigotry.”
  • Training and Professional Development “to equip UC leaders, staff and faculty with essential knowledge and skills.”

Details on the specific proposals, which must still be approved by the UC Office of the President, are available in this Box folder for those with a UC Davis login.

The proposals were selected by a 12-person committee and approved by Chancellor Gary S. May before being submitted to the UC Office of the President.

More information is available on the Finance and Business website.

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