2nd Detour to Plant Sale, Vet Med

A second detour will be set up Saturday (Sept. 29) for the benefit of plant sale customers and veterinary clients and others who are blocked from going through the La Rue Road-Garrod Drive intersection, which will be partially closed for construction. Flaggers and signs will be in place to direct motorists.

The detour previously announced is a long one: Health Sciences Drive off Hutchison Drive, around the back side of the Health Sciences District, then reconnecting with Garrod Drive to access the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and the Arboretum Teaching Nursery, site of the first plant sale of the fall season.

The new detour is shorter: Putah Creek Lodge Drive off La Rue Road, through the Putah Creek Lodge Parking Lot and onto Garrod.

Construction in the La Rue-Garrod intersection is part of a La Rue Road repair and repaving project between Hutchison and Garrod drives. The southbound lanes of La Rue are closed, and southbound traffic is being directed to the northbound lanes — which have been converted to two-way traffic. This section of La Rue will remain open Saturday — that is, drivers can proceed straight through the La Rue-Garrod intersection, they just can’t turn onto Garrod.

On a positive note: The signals at the intersection of Hutchison and La Rue are once again operating normally, after having been set to flashing red during the first part of the project.

Here’s the first detour:

  • From Hutchison Drive, turn onto Health Sciences Drive (near Aggie Stadium).
  • Turn right on West Health Sciences Drive and follow it around the Health Sciences District’s back side, where West Health Sciences Drive intersects with Garrod Drive at the Gourley Clinical Teaching Center.
  • Turn left on Garrod and follow it around the veterinary science complex until you reach the Arboretum Teaching Nursery on the right and the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital on the left.

Here’s the second detour:

  • From La Rue Road, turn left or right onto Putah Creek Lodge Drive (normally closed to through traffic) and follow it around to the back end of the Putah Creek Lodge (PCL) Parking Lot.
  • If you are going to the plant sale, you can use the PCL parking lot.
  • Or, continue through the parking lot to exit on Garrod Drive. Turn left onto Garrod and left at the stop sign to reach Parking Lot 55, which sits between the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and the Arboretum Teaching Nursery (across the street).

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