11 Instagram-Worthy Spots at UC Davis

It is popular for students to have their pictures taken by the official UC Davis Seal in the Memorial Union.
It is popular for students to have their pictures taken by the official UC Davis Seal in the Memorial Union. (Greg Urquiaga/UC Davis)

From the Arboretum to Aggie Stadium, our campus bursts with gorgeous scenery all year long. Here are 10 places on campus where you must snap a photo for Instagram.

1. The Arboretum

A scene of the UC Davis Arboretum at sunset

Hands down, the Arboretum is one of everyone’s favorite places to snap photos on campus. You kinda can’t help but fall in love with nature here.

Plus, the fog makes everything 10x more awesome in winter.

Redwood trees shrouded in fog

2. Shields Library   

Rows of desks and students studying inside the library reading room

It’s not hard to catch the occasional Instagrammer snapping photos of our main reading room or grand staircase.                                              

If you ask us, the courtyard is also pretty cool.

Glass exterior wall of the Library courtyard

Especially if you’re into taking breaks in quiet places, tbh.

3. The Water Towers

UC Davis water tower emerging behind trees


4. The UC Davis Seal + Signs

Memorial Union Seal of UC Davis

It’s pretty much a rite of passage for all Aggies to take a picture with a campus landmark before graduating. Students like to pose with the official seal in the Memorial Union and other campus signs and landmarks.

Even pets can’t resist taking a #selfie with the signs!

Corgi standing on top of a brick wall saying 'UC Davis'

Now this is a true squad goal.

5. The Double-Decker Buses                 

Red double decker bus parked next to a red telephone booth

If you’ve got wanderlust, riding one of these buses just might do the trick.

You can learn about the history of these buses on the Unitrans website.

You can get another slice of London in this phone booth.       

Students posing around a red telephone booth      

… Or just grab your friends and recreate One Direction’s album cover. Your choice.

6. West Village

West Village apartment buildings against a night sky

A zero net energy community and the backdrop to some epic Instagram shots.

7. The Campus Cows

Woman smiling with a row of cattle grazing behind her

If this isn’t on your UC Davis bucket list… you should add it. Like, right now.

8. The Death Star                                                                              

Exterior image of the social sciences and humanities building

Aka the Social Sciences and Humanities building. Getting lost in here doesn’t have to be such a bad thing if it leads to cool sights… right?

Read about the history of this “geometric wasteland” in this 2007 UC Davis Magazine article.

9. Residence Halls

Bike wheels arranged against the side of a building

We wheely love this homage to bikes in the Tercero housing area.

Even the windows in the Cuarto housing area radiate positive vibes.

'Enjoy the little things' displayed on a window

10. The Eggheads

Woman performing handstand next to an upside down egghead statue

Sometimes people like to recreate the pose of their favorite Egghead.

Other times, people like to pretend they’re the real eggheads.

Person lying on back covering his head with an egghead statue looking up

The creativity here is eggstraordinary. Get it?

Read about the history of the Eggheads and get a map showing where they are on campus here.


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There are more places on campus to snap photos than would fit into any one article. What’s your favorite spot? Leave it in the responses below.

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