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Professional Writing

The University Writing Program (UWP) offers writing courses and seeks to improve writing instruction across campus through a variety of programs. The UWP coordinates first year, intermediate and advanced writing courses that satisfy college composition requirements and offers courses in writing across the curriculum, writing in specific disciplines, and writing in the professions.

The Professional Writing Minor serves students from all majors who are planning careers as professional writers or editors, as well as those whose academic and professional careers demand advanced writing skills. The Program offers graduate courses in the teaching of writing and in composition theory, history, and research. The Designated Emphasis in Writing, Rhetoric and Composition Studies offers Ph.D. students in affiliated programs the opportunity to prepare for leadership roles in writing research, teaching and program administration.

The UWP also administers the English Composition Examination, an alternative way to satisfy the advanced writing requirement. The UWP publishes an annual anthology of exemplary student writing, Prized Writing, and a journal for writing instructors, Writing on the Edge. The Writing in the Disciplines Workshop Program presents workshops on teaching writing for faculty and TAs and workshops on writing for students. The Writing Ambassadors Program trains advanced undergraduates and places them as interns in K-12 classrooms to improve writing instruction.


20 units

Choose one course from each of the four groups (16 units)


Group A:

  • ENL 100NF Creative Writing: Non-Fiction (4 units)
  • UWP 101 Advanced Composition (4 units)
  • UWP 102A Writing in the Disciplines: Special Topics (4 units)
  • UWP 102B Writing in the Disciplines: Biology (4 units)
  • UWP 102C Writing in the Disciplines: History (4 units)
  • UWP 102D Writing in the Disciplines: International Relations (4 units)
  • UWP 102E Writing in the Disciplines: Engineering (4 units)
  • UWP 102F Writing in the Disciplines: Food Science and Technology (4 units)
  • UWP 102G Writing in the Disciplines: Environmental Writing (4 units)
  • UWP 102H Writing in the Disciplines: Human Development and Psychology (4 units)
  • UWP 102I Writing in the Disciplines: Ethnic Studies (4 units)
  • UWP 102J Writing in the Disciplines: Fine Arts (4 units)
  • UWP 102K Writing in the Disciplines: Sociology (4 units)
  • UWP 102L Writing in the Disciplines: Film Studies (4 units)
  • UWP 102M Writing in the Disciplines: Community and Regional Development (4 units)

Group B:  

  • UWP 104A Writing in the Professions: Business Writing (4 units)
  • UWP 104B Writing in the Professions: Law (4 units)
  • UWP 104C Writing in the Professions: Journalism (4 units)
  • UWP 104D Writing in the Professions: Elementary and Secondary Education (4 units)
  • UWP 104E Writing in the Professions: Science (4 units)
  • UWP 104F Writing in the Professions: Health (4 units)
  • UWP 104I Writing in the Professions: Internships (4 units)
  • UWP 104J Writing in the Professions: Writing for Social Justice (4 units)
  • UWP 104T Writing in the Professions: Technical Writing (4 units)
  • UWP 110 Specialized Genres in Professional Writing (4 units)
  • UWP 111A Specialized Topics in Journalism (4 units)
  • UWP 111B Specialized Topics in Journalism: Investigative Journalism (4 units)
  • UWP 111C Specialized Topics in Journalism: Science Journalism (4 units)

Group C:

  • ANT 110 Language and Sociocultural Anthropology (4 units)
  • ANT 120 Language and Culture (4 units)
  • CLA 110 Origins of Rhetoric (4 units)
  • CMN 101 Communication Theories (4 units)
  • CMN 105 Semantic and Pragmatic Functions of Language (Discontinued) (4 units)
  • CMN 152 Theories of Persuasion (Discontinued) (4 units)
  • DES 145 History of Visual Communication (4 units)
  • DES 149 Information Design: Principles and Practice (4 units)
  • ENL 105 History of the English Language (4 units)
  • ENL 106 English Grammar (4 units)
    • or LIN 106 English Grammar (4 units)
    • or UWP 106 English Grammar (4 units)
  • ENL 164 Writing Science (4 units)
    • or STS 164 Writing Science (4 units)
  • HIS 101 Introduction to Historical Thought and Writing (4 units)
  • PHI 137A Philosophy of Language: Theory of Reference (4 units)
  • PHI 137B Philosophy of Language: Truth and Meaning (4 units)
  • PHI 137C Philosophy of Language: Semantics and Pragmatics (4 units)
  • TCS 191 Writing Across Media (4 units)
  • UWP 101 Advanced Composition (4 units)
  • UWP 112A Introduction to Professional Editing (4 units)
  • UWP 120 Rhetorical Approaches to Scientific and Technological Issues (4 units)
  • UWP 121 History of Scientific Writing (4 units)

Group D: 

  • UWP 192 Internship in Writing (1-12 units)
    • or equivalent

One additional course from Groups A, B, or C above (4 units)

Note: At least 12 units must be from University Writing Program courses.

Total = 20 units


Minor Advisor

Rebekka Andersen
(530) 754-6903