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Political Science

Political science is the study of politics and political systems at the local, national, and international levels. It concerns not only the institutions of government but also the analysis of such phenomena as political behavior, political values, political change and stability, parties, pressure groups, bureaucracies, administrative behavior, justice, national security, and international affairs.

Internships and Career Alternatives. Both the proximity of UC Davis to the state capitol and the programs offered by the UC Washington Center afford exceptional internship possibilities in local, state, and national government offices, providing students with actual experience in politics and government service while still attending school. A student who majors in political science acquires research and analytic skills relevant to many professional fields. Consequently, the majors offered in political science are valuable not only in providing students with a better understanding of politics and political systems, but also as a first step toward careers in teaching, law, management, government, urban planning, journalism, politics, administration, or for graduate studies in numerous fields.

Public Affairs Internship Program. This program is open to upper division students in any major who want to obtain an internship in the area of government and public service. Information and applications are available from the Political Science Department in 467 Kerr Hall.


24 units

Choose at least 6 upper division POL courses.

Total = 24 units

Minor Advisor

Katy Pattison
(530) 754-8098

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