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From subatomic particles to galaxies with billions of stars, physics studies what the universe is made of and how it works. As a physics minor at UC Davis, you will learn about our present understanding of the universe and also have the opportunity to join with our faculty in research that pushes forward the frontier of knowledge. This research ranges from the very smallest distances associated with elementary particle physics through nanophysics and superconductivity and on to the structure and evolution of the entire universe.



  • MAT 021A-021B-021C Calculus (12 units)
    • ​Or MAT 021AH-021BH-021CH Honors Calculus (12 units)
  • MAT 022A Linear Algebra (3 units)
  • MAT 022B Differential Equations (3 units)
  • PHY 009A-009B-009C Classical Physics (15 units)
    • Or PHY 009HA-009HB-009HC-009HD Honors Physics (20 units)
  • PHY 009D Modern Physics (4 units)
    • Or PHY 009HE Honors Physics (5 units)

24 units

Choose at least 6 units of upper division PHY courses (24 units) excluding PHY 160, PHY 197T, PHY 199

Total = 24 units


Minor Advisor

Amy Folz
(530) 752-4092

Interest Groups: