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Iran and Persian Studies

The minor in Iran & Persian Studies covers an area of immense historical, cultural, economic, demographic and geopolitical significance. The minor is designed to emphasize the interconnected and comparative aspect of history, culture, society, economy, religion, gender relations, media, law, political economy, international relations, urbanism, migration and diaspora, language and literatures across regional and national boundaries. It is an interdisciplinary minor open to undergraduates in all four colleges.


20-24 units

    Complete the following courses (8 units)

    • MSA 100 Middle East and South Asia: Comparative Perspectives 4
    • MSA 180 Topics in Middle East and South Asian Studies 

    Choose one course (4 units)

    • MSA 181B Topics in Regional ME/SA Studies 4
    • MSA 182B Undergraduate Proseminar in Middle East/South Asia 4

    Choose additional electives from list below (4-8 units)

    • MSA 112 History of South Asian Islam (4 units)
    • ANT 145 Performance, Embodiment, and Space in South Asia (4 units)
    • ASA 150F South Asian American History, Culture, & Politics (4 units)
    • COM 053B Literature of South Asia (4 units)
    • COM 148 Mystical Literatures of South Asia and the Middle East (4 units)
    • COM 156 The Ramayana (4 units)
    • HIN 001 Elementary Hindi/Urdu I (5 units)
    • HIN 002 Elementary Hindi/Urdu II (5 units)
    • HIN 003 Elementary Hindi/Urdu III (5 units)
    • HIN 021 Intermediate Hindi/Urdu I (4 units)
    • HIN 022 Intermediate Hindi/Urdu II (4 units)
    • HIN 023 Intermediate Hindi/Urdu III (4 units)
    • HIS 008 History of Indian Civilization (4 units)
    • HIS 102Q Undergraduate Proseminar in History; India (5 units)
    • HIS 196A Medieval India (4 units)
    • HIS 196B Modern India (4 units)
    • MUS 148 Hindustani Vocal Ensemble (2 units)
    • RST 030 Religions of South Asia (4 units)
    • RST 068 Hinduism (4 units)
    • RST 069 Introduction to Hindu Mythology (4 units)
    • RST 156 Religion and the Performing Arts in India (4 units)
    • RST 157 Hindu Women and Goddesses (4 units)

    With prior consultation with an advisor, students can petition in advance the Program Committee to accept:

    • Other elective courses toward the minor program if the content is 50 percent or more on the Arab World. Under no circumstances may more than one lower division course be offered in satisfaction of requirements for the minor.
    • More than four units of Middle East/South Asia 181C and/or Middle East/South Asia 182C towards the minor program

    Total = 20-24 units

    Minor Advisor

    Mishaal Barrett