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International Agricultural Development

There is a need for trained individuals who can translate and apply agricultural technology to the problems of food production, nutrition, marketing, and health in less technically advanced countries. The minor prepares students to address this challenge to improve their food productions, distribution, and nutrition programs in less developed nations.


21-23 units

Complete the following two courses (8 units)

  • IAD 010 Introduction to International Agricultural Development (4 units)
  • ARE 115A Economic Development (4 units)

Choose 6-7 units:

  • PLS 101 Agriculture and the Environment (3 units)
  • PLS 110 Crop Management Systems for Vegetable Production (4 units)
  • PLS 111 Principles of Agronomic Crop Production Systems (4 units)
  • PLS 112 Forage Crop Production (3 units)

Choose 7-8 units:

  • IAD 103 Social Change and Agricultural Development (4 units)
  • IAD 170 Program Development for International Agriculture (4 units)
  • CRD 142 Rural Change in the Industrialized World (4 units)

Total = 21-23 units

Minor Advisor

Patrick Brown