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East Asian Studies

Courses taken for the minor are expected to reflect a predominant interest in East Asia or Southeast Asia. All upper division courses counting towards the East Asian Studies major, may be used to fulfill the requirements for the minor program, as long as they deal predominantly with East Asia or Southeast Asia.

East Asian countries play important roles in today's global culture and economy. As the U.S. increasingly "pivots toward Asia," understanding the history, culture, and day-to-day workings of these regions becomes ever more important. The East Asian Studies minor offers comparative studies of a region that has been integrally linked for centuries by trade and the exchange of philosophical ideas, religion, literature and art.

As a minor in East Asian Studies, you'll gain an understanding of this fascinating region through interdisciplinary studies that combine work in an East Asian language with courses exploring intriguing aspects of the culture and societies of East Asia. Students are encouraged to take advantage of our Study Abroad Program to gain first hand experience in China and Japan.


20 units

Choose 20 units of upper division courses (20 units) from the Depth Subject Matter list for the major, or from the following list:

  • Any CHN or JPN upper division course (4 units)
  • Any EAS special course:
    • EAS 190 East Asian Studies Seminar (4 units)
    • EAS 192 East Asian Studies Seminar (1-12 units)
    • EAS 194H Special Study for Honors Students (1-5 units)
    • EAS 196A Honors Seminar (4 units)
    • EAS 196B Honors Seminar (4 units)
    • EAS 198 Directed Group Study (1-5 units)
    • Upper division Education Abroad course focusing on East Asia or Southeast Asia.

Total = 20 units


Minor Advisors

A. Gibson
(530) 752-9241