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Classical Civilization


20 units

Choose one courses (4 units)​

  • CLA 001 Ancient Near East and Early Greece: 3000-500 B.C.E (4 units)
  • CLA 002 Ancient Greece and the Near East: 500 to 146 B.C.E (4 units)
  • CLA 003 Rome and the Mediterranean: 800 B.C.E. to 500 C.E (4 units)
  • CLA 004 Late Antiquity (4 units)

Choose one upper division course in Latin or Greek (4 units)

Choose two additional upper division courses in Classics, Latin or Greek (8 units)

Choose one additional upper division course selected from either group (a) or (b) in the Classical Civilization major. (4 units) see course catalog

Total = 20 units


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Lauren Wong
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