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Interested in a degree in Chemistry, but don’t have the room in your study plan to complete a double-major? Have you considered pursuing the minor instead? It’s relatively easy, especially if you have already taken many of the lower-division preparatory courses such as general chemistry, mathematics, and physics.



  • CHE 002A-002B-002C General Chemistry (15 units)
    • Or CHE 02AH-02BH-02CH Honors General Chemistry (15 units)
  • MAT 016A-016B-016C​ Short Calculus (9 units)
    • Or MAT 017A-017B-017C Calculus for Biology and Medicine (12 units)
    • Or MAT 021A-021B-021C Calculus (12 units)
  • PHY 007A-007B-007C General Physics (12 units)
    • Or PHY 009A-009B-009C Classical Physics (15 units)
    • Or PHY 09AH-09BH-09CH Honors Classical Physics (15 units)

20 units

Complete the following courses (17 units)​

  • CHE 105 Analytical and Physical Chemical Methods (4 units)
  • CHE 107A Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences (3 units)
  • CHE 107B Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences(3 units)
  • CHE 118A Organic Chemistry for Health and Life Sciences (4 units)
  • CHE 124A Inorganic Chemistry: Fundamentals (3 units)

Choose one course (3-4 units)

  • CHE 118B Organic Chemistry for Health and Life Sciences (4 units)
  • CHE 124B Inorganic Chemistry: Main Group Elements (3 units)
  • CHE 124C Inorganic Chemistry: d and f Block Elements (4 units)

Total = 20-21 units


Minor Advisors

P. Gee
(530) 752-3204