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Agricultural Pest Management

Feeding the growing global population is a perpetual challenge. Some insects, other arthropods and nematodes can devastate crops, while others are valuable natural enemies of these pests. Contemporary pest management stresses effectiveness, environmental protection and economic feasibility.

Students taking this minor will learn basic insect biology and taxonomy, and will take a selection of courses which train them in the concepts and practices of modern pest management. This minor will support careers in agriculture, agricultural systems, horticulture and pest management.


20-21 units

Complete the following three courses (9 units)

  • ENT 100 General Entomology (4 units)
  • ENT 100L General Entomology Laboratory (2 units)
  • PLS 105 Concepts in Pest Management (3 units)

Choose at least three courses (11-12 units)​

  • NEM 100 General Plant Nematology (4 units)
  • PLS 176 Introduction to Weed Science (4 units)
  • PLP 120 Introduction to Plant Pathology (4 units)
  • ENT 123 Plant-Virus-Vector Interaction (3 units)
    • Or PLB 123 Plant-Virus-Vector Interaction (3 units)
    • Or PLP 123 Plant-Virus-Vector Interaction (3 units)

Total = 20-21 units


Minor Advisors

S. Lawler
(530) 753-8341

S. Nadler, Ph.D. ​
(530) 752-2121