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African American and African Studies

The purpose of this program is to give students a sense of the individual characteristics and common concerns of black communities in Africa, the United States and in the wider Diaspora. The African American emphasis includes courses on history, culture, and the impact of developments in politics and the economy on the social organization of black people in the United States.

The African Diaspora emphasis enables students to study the way black communities outside Africa and the United States have dealt with questions of race and ethnicity. It also considers how they have defined their identity in the political arena as well as by using religion, theater and dance, literature and film. The African emphasis allows students to focus on Africa's recent history, social issues and contemporary culture.


24 units

Choose one course (4 units)​

  • AAS 010 African-American Culture and Society (4 units)
  • AAS 012 Introduction to African Studies (4 units)
  • AAS 015 Introduction to African American Humanities (4 units)
  • AAS 017 Women in African Societies (4 units)
  • AAS 018 Introduction to Caribbean Studies (4 units)
  • AAS 080 Introduction to Black Politics (4 units)

Choose any five upper division AAS courses (20 units), except AAS 154

Total = 24 units


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