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Japanese culture is dynamic, ever-changing and varied. From the world’s first novel to stunningly contemporary anime, the literature, drama, cinema, art and folklore of Japan play a significant role on the global stage.

Whether you are interested in prose or poetry, manga or monster movies, a major in Japanese introduces you to an exciting world of literature, culture and history.

At UC Davis, you can learn the Japanese language in small-class settings and study abroad at a number of different programs. A major or minor in Japanese gives you the chance to learn a different language, explore cultures in depth, and think critically and creatively about the world around you. All the while, you will be acquiring skills and knowledge for a successful career in the global arena.

Real World Outcomes: 

With a background in Japanese language and culture, you can pursue a wide range of careers, such as law, business, education, international relations, information technologies, media production and all sorts of other occupations in the United States and Japan. The language skills and cultural literacy students acquire through a Japanese major are essential to their success in local and global spheres. 


The major in Japanese concentrates on the study of language, literature and culture. With a minimum of nine quarters of language training, students gain a firm grounding in both spoken and written Japanese. We also offer a diverse range of literature and culture courses taught in English, where students can explore everything from traditional poetry to modern fiction and contemporary popular culture. Students can also take advanced language classes where they read and discuss materials in the original language.

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Lauren Wong
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