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Community and Regional Development

Are you ready to take responsibility for your major and build your own unique expertise? Do your interests include working with people in communities? Community and regional development majors work with people to solve problems while creating political, social and economic opportunities. The major empowers students to drive change in organizations and society at multiple levels.

Real World Outcomes: 

UC Davis community and regional development majors are working in fields such as city and regional planning, human resources, housing, and public policy. This is also an excellent major to consider if you plan to attend a professional or graduate school.

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After you complete your general education courses, you have several options. You can specialize in community groups, focusing on the diversity of groups and organizations that make up a community; organization and management, focusing on human resources, public relations and general management; policy and planning, focusing on law, environment and local government; or social services, focusing on public health, housing, design, education and counseling. All students in this major are required to complete an internship in their field of specialization.

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Galyna Erdman
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